Trailer Servicing & Repair

Ifor Williams horse trailer being serviced on 4 post ramp

Trailer Servicing & Repair

H K Trailers carry out servicing work on any trailer that can be towed by your car or 4x4. Examples of the type of trailer that we can service include horse trailers, livestock trailers, plant and flatbed trailers, Ifor Williams trailers and box van trailers. 

Please note we do not carry out work on the braking systems of trailers manufactured before 1989.

Single & Twin Axle Braked Trailer Service £125 + VAT

Tri-Axle Trailer Service £145+ VAT

Boat Trailer Service £135 + VAT

Hourly Workshop Rate £40 + VAT/hour

*Please note these prices do not include the cost of any parts that the trailer may require. 

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We are a member of the National Trailer and Towing Association, and carry out all servicing and repair work in accordance with their Approved Code of Practice.

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We only carry out work from our workshop so all trailers do need to be dropped off and collected from our premises.

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What's Included?

A service includes removing the hubs and stripping the brakes, which will then be cleaned and reassembled or replaced if necessary. The hubs and bearings are then reassembled and the brakes adjusted. The suspension system will also be checked along with the hitch coupling, tyres, wheel bearings, floor and side panels (where applicable). The trailer lights will also be checked and repairs carried out to remedy any faults as necessary. We will always endeavour to keep the customer informed of any major cost before the work is carried out, so as to avoid any surprise bills! 

knott brakes being assembled during service on an Ifor Williams HB505 horse trailer
example of the date stamp on new tyres, showing week 18 of 2017

Tyre Fitting

In addition to the servicing, we also have facilities to supply and fit new tyres.

As trailers often have a low annual mileage it is rare that the tread will wear out, more commonly the tyres will deteriorate as they age due to exposure to sunlight, atmosphere, and from being parked for longer periods, these factors can all lead to an increased risk of failure. To find out when a tyre was manufactured look for a series of characters that begin DOT. Usually at the end of this series is a four digit number.If you have a three digit number the tyre was manufactured before 2000. Tyres manufactured since 2000 will have a four digit code, the first two digits indicate the week, and the last two indicate the year.

The image shows an example of a tyre with the code 1817, this tyre would have been manufactured in week 18 of 2017.  In addition to the tyre pressure, it is important to check your tyres regularly for cuts, bulges and cracking as tyres suffering from this kind of deterioration or damage must be changed immediately. We always check for any of these signs when undertaking servicing work on your trailer.